DNC Systems and Industrial Networks

Troy, Michigan USA


Key Employees

Richard Waters, President of Digitek Automation Systems, started in sales and marketing in 1970.  Having  worked with computers as far back 1968, he has an extensive background with all phases of computing, including programming and system design.  He also has over 20 years of experience in Industrial sales, having worked for DataMyte Corporation, Sheffield Measurement and Camax Systems.  In 1987, Richard founded Digitek Automation Systems. Contact him at:


Susan Waters, Administration and Training.  Susan has over 30 of experience as an educator. Contact her at:



Digitek Automation Systems has established relationships with selected companies in an effort to provide products and services that are not part of its core business, but are a part of a complete Industrial Network solution.  There are working relationships in place for access to a variety of  CAD/CAM products, CNC Machine Retrofitting services and  of Premise and Campuswide Communications Systems.