DNC Systems and Industrial Networks

Troy, Michigan USA


About Digitek Automation Systems

Digitek Automation Systems is a value added reseller of industrial networks. We've been in business since 1987. We've become one of the leading suppliers of DNC Systems and Industrial Networks to companies that use CNC/NC Machines. We install peer-to-peer and client/server networking systems. We service Windows based and DOS computers.
Our primary marketing area includes Michigan and the states surrounding the Great Lakes. Our private aircraft allows Digitek personnel to travel throughout this area and beyond with speed, efficiency and economy.
Digitek Automation Systems is a privately held Michigan Corporation that was established February of 1987 to resell computerized point-of-sale systems to retailers and computer systems to small manufacturing companies.

Due to the soft economy that existed at the end of the 1980's it was decided to pursue additional opportunities that would take advantage of the strong computer and data communications expertise present at Digitek.

To achieve that goal, Digitek started working with DNC systems back in 1988 by first becoming a manufacturer’s representative for the Remex Division of Seymour Electronics. Digitek experienced immediate success selling the Remex DNC system and then soon began installing all of the Remex DNC systems that it sold and some of the systems sold by other independent Remex representative companies and even some of those sold by Remex. Digitek soon became the number one independent reseller of Remex's DNC systems in North America. At the present time, Digitek remains the only company left in North America that still actively supports the Remex DNC system.

In the early 1990's, with PC's coming of age it became apparent that a PC-BASED DNC system solution would be a very desirable part of Digitek's product offering. To achieve this goal, in 1993 the company became a dealer for CNC Engineering's (formerly known as CNC Innovations) Easytalk PC-BASED DNC product line. Digitek soon became one of CNC Engineering's highest producing DNC systems sales outlets. In 1998 Digitek added eXtremeDNC software from Ascendant Technologies to its product offering. This outstanding DNC software complements, rather then competes with the other DNC software packages offered by Digitek.  Digitek has enjoyed success during the past decade. This was accomplished in part by developing long term relationships with a number of high quality software and hardware vendors.

Digitek Automation Systems is committed to providing innovative, practical and quality products and services that will assist manufacturing companies with their ongoing efforts to improve Quality and Efficiency .

Our goal is to not just sell software and hardware and then just tell our customer "Good Luck!" We're going to make sure that the solution that we have provided does what we said it would do. Our customers' satisfaction and repeat business is very important.

In carrying out our day-to- day business we will strive to:
Follow the philosophy that our customers are our most important asset. Everything else is secondary. If we don't have satisfied customers, then we don't have a business.
Treat our employees with respect and dignity.
Be considered as leader in our community.
Through a long-term commitment to this mission, we will continue to be known as a company that is in in the forefront of its industry.