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Advanced Machine Interface BTR

Interfaces for older NC/CNC Machine Controls

We sell the Advanced Machine Interface (AMI) which is a Universal Behind the Tape Reader (BTR) adapter. This allows most all NC/CNC machines to be connected to computers via RS232 or RS422. AMI is the best BTR available today.

Buy a BTR NOW -  Tape readers and punchers cost a fortune to maintain and repair. Tape is now scarce and prices are skyrocketing for CNC memory. 

Key Benefits for an AMI BTR:

  • They do not wear out 

  • They eliminate Punched Tape errors 

  • Minimize lost production time caused by tape errors or lost tapes

  • Machines can run very large programs directly from the interface (standard memory is equivalent to 1,000' of tape)

  • Far lower cost than adding more memory to your CNC machine

  • Gives your older machine an RS232 port to connect to any DNC system

  • Load  older machine's "executive tapes" electronically

Control Interface Chart in PDF format